Powered by purpose

At TELUS, we’re using our world-leading technology to drive meaningful change -- from transforming healthcare and making our food supply more sustainable to reducing our environmental footprint and connecting Canadians in need.

Let’s make the future friendly, together

As a company powered by our social purpose, we’re helping solve some of the world's most pressing problems and helping grow a more sustainable future. Because the more impact we can make today, the better we can make tomorrow.

Let’s empower Canadians with connectivity

We’re ensuring that everyone can access our world-leading networks – including rural, remote and Indigenous communities and over 3 million Canadians in need.  

Let’s help everyone live healthier lives

We’re revolutionizing access to healthcare for millions of Canadians and ensuring that the most vulnerable among us receive care.

Let’s care for our planet’s future

We’re committing to using 100% renewable energy by 2025, becoming a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company by 2030, and helping create a safer, better and more sustainable food supply.

Let’s give where we live

We’re reinvesting 5% of our pre-tax profits annually into helping communities across Canada become stronger and able to care for their most vulnerable members.

Our impact in action

Every day, we are changing the lives of Canadians and improving our communities in many ways.