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As a product-driven team, we know that technology makes the world go faster, and we’re delivering at a speed unheard of in a large organization. We have been using that technology to help our customers and our employees stay connected. No matter where we are, we can work and collaborate effectively as a team to solve big problems. As risk-takers and experts in our fields, we’re a team that celebrates our failures and successes equally.

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It’s not only about the work we do, but how we deliver value to the customer. Our digital architecture has been built to make the lives of our teams easier by automating and creating reusable components. This enables us to pivot and adapt quickly to shifting market needs.

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Aspiring to build the best products

Our people draw inspiration from each other, our partners and our customers. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Our exploration of the latest TELUS smartphone accessories and connected tech products.

The design system is a standardized set of principles, UI components, tools and processes.

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We work to strengthen the communities around us. We share our learnings and strive to give back. See how we’re thriving together with our partners:

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